The House


                                                                     The house before renovation

A short history of our house

Our house was a pigsty. It is still known as the "old pigsty". The pigsty was part of a dairy in the village. During the manufacturing of the cheese production, whey was collected from the milk and fed to the pigs. The manure from the pigs helped to fertilise the soil. The cows had good grass to eat and produced good milk. But the farmers began to use chemical fertilisers on the land and the quality of the milk changed. As a result, the cheese fermented too quickly and began to swell and they could no longer sell their cheeses. The owners not only stopped selling but closed down all their ancillary business.

Today the house is called "Vinea Mea". 

Now there are lots of windows. It has become a very light and pleasant house even when the sun does not shine. The vegetation around is abundant. The interior spaces are insolated with natural materials and the walls are painted with clay in various shades of ochre, the color of the earth around us. Most of the rooms are tiled with the local stone of Burgundy.


huis zuidkant







                                                                 The south side of "Vinea Mea"                        

tuin kamille


The east side of "Vinea Mea" 


The small room where you are greeted with a welcome drink 

You can also use the large living room and kitchen for your personal use. 

Bed and Breakfast "Vinea Mea" offers a lot of space. It is ideal for our guests if the weather is looking good, but if it rains or it is cold, it is very nice to enjoy the the comforts of interior of the house with its views all around. We can offer  a large surface area of 120 m2 on the ground floor, with a seating area around the fireplace, two large tables for breakfast and dinner or for other leisure activities. 

gr woonk richting noord
spiegel 2


A small kitchen on the same floor as your bedroom is available. Here you can make tea and coffee and keep drinks cool in the refrigerator. When you do not want go to a restaurant or enjoy our dinner table, you can prepare your own meal or picnic. There is a refrigerator, a gas cooker with 4 burners and an oven with all crockery and basic cooking utensils (pots, plates, cutlery, cups and glasses) are there for you. 


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