Our Animal Friends

BoemeltjeBambam, beide Anna'sstaand



Boemeltje                                                                                     Bambam   

Here is Boemeltje, a Border Collie with a little bit of                      Boemeltje's brother. It's hot these days and 

Labrador. Boemeltje is very affectionate with people.                   BamBam is refreshed with cold water and really

Even when Jacqueline took these pictures, he was                      appreciates it. 

there to help. 





She is a French Griffon. She was found exhausted in the forest by hunters. She has a very sweet disposition. We 
often call her "Cinderella" because she is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even below the cats! 
In the photo, she dreams a little in the sun. 

0- HP Dappertjeh:t


This cat defends the house from intruders. He lives up to his name which means "brave". Yet with people, he is extremely soft. It takes some time before he will appear before new guests.

Fleurtje staand


She was called "Bloemetje". For the French this name was a bit difficult to say, so now she is called Fleurtje. She often poses as a model for photos. She loves attention and she is accustomed to it because Boemeltje looks at her adoringly whenever he sees her. 


The two sheep are a "Velay Black" breed whom we have borrowed. Thus, the orchard is mowed and fertilized naturally. 

The Meals